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The End Times.
A serial novel/ artwork masquerading as a local newspaper.

In one sense The End Times is the local newspaper for End, a thriving town in England*.

But it is so much more, and we welcome subscribers from around the world to experience life in this wonderful town, where life so often imitates the great events that are going on around us. The UK Prime Minister resigns? Why it seems the leader of our council has as well. It is remarkable how often this happens.

Will the local faux sausages come first in the Sustainable Food Awards? Did sabotage cause Charles Weverill’s paragliding accident? Are AK47s a reasonable response to the chip-stealing seagulls?

Sign up and be part of this experimental art work/ novel / get our weekly commentary on life in End (and everywhere else).

We have recently merged with Sustainability Future and will be enjoying articles from writers such as Karen Minkton who will be bringing her column Greenie in a Bentley to The End Times when she returns from Maternity leave.

*Do visit if you can. We have the world’s largest museum devoted to both Jane Austen and Red Rum (open on Thursdays), an original Victorian helter-skelter (currently closed) and a plaque that commemorates the invention of beer here in 313AD.

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